Lübbert steps ahead in Strenght

The trading enterprise Friedrich Wilhelm Lübbert GmbH & Co. KG, with its home in Bremerhaven, has successfully sought for strong, additional partners in order to expand its business and to provide the, thus, necessary consolidation of its equity capital. Along with a significant improvement of the equity capital’s structure the new investors will take over the majority of the shares of the company.


According to the Managing Director, Mr. Sven Braasch, this step was needed to safeguard a successful future development of the company which for its kind of business and with regards to its turnover requires a serious level of financing. Whilst Mr. Braasch shall be responsible for operations in future, Mr. Bodo Mayerhof, Cuxhaven, will join the company as further Managing Director being in charge of the commercial interests of the company.


Mr. Mayerhof is, also, partner in the group of new investors. Both Sven Braasch and Bodo Mayerhof are convinced that this step is beneficial to all partners of the company. It gives a clear sign to everyone that Lübbert, in evidence, is constructing its future actively and in favour of its business relations, in particular customers and suppliers.