Through the ages

The fishery port of Bremerhaven has faced many changes since, in the year 1885, it developed to become one of the hubs of the German deep-sea fishery and, at the end of the thirties of the past century, to become the most important fishery port in Europe. World War II, however, brought down the fish industry to an almost entire collapse as a result of heavy bombings. But the period of reconstruction after 1945 became all the more significant for the important North German economic location.

In the midth of that period which was marked by the spirit of go-ahead, already in 1947 the Cuxhaven based enterprise Friedrich Wilhelm Lübbert opened a branch in the sea port and hence contributed to the reorientation and modernization of the fish industry in Bremerhaven.

In the course of the following decades the trading company grew in a healthy way, it steadily extended and continuously built up personnel. Cosmopolitan times began after the son of the company founder Friedrich Wilhelm Lübbert, Eddy Lübbert, had taken over management in the 1960s. Smart company policies as well as a progressive and open view enabled the enterprise to enter international markets thus allowing completely new prospects in the importation and exportation of fish.

Fresh fish under fresh management

the next generation

After having successfully run the company for decades Eddy Lübbert sold it to his long-time employee Hans-Joachim Holtermann in 1998. Holtermann, as sole owner, further developed the business steering the skills of the sound company into the new millennium until 2012 when he disposed of his shares through a management buyout.

Nowadays Birte Tutas and Sven Braasch head the company as Managing Directors.